Who We Are

A company with an all-Italian DNA. A feature we are particularly proud of.
We are a young and dynamic reality in which the main company positions are occupied by family members allowing us to transmit passion and professionalism directly to our customers.
Directly because our strengths are the absence of intermediaries and the "turnkey" service: thanks to capable and competent personnel who adapt quickly and wisely to any requirement or need, we follow from the production of Geyser branded articles to the preventive phase, from the choice of materials to the design with rendering of the different environments, from the demolition, the rehabilitation of pipes and electrical system to the laying of tiles and bathroom furnishings. Every detail of our products is the result of a great team effort: expert designers, architects, craftsmen and specialized workers.

We immediately placed ourselves on the market as a single point of contact and interlocutor for the end customer, be it a private individual, a public entity or a company: construction, electrical and plumbing systems are in fact managed directly by Dolphin Bath Srl through supervision and coordination of sector managers who, by optimizing working times and phases, monitor that the work is carried out in a workmanlike manner.

The experience gained in the production of whirlpools, multifunctional shower cubicles, outdoor pools, allows us to find the best solutions to solve, with simplicity and practicality, any difficulty the customer encounters and advise him best in every phase of construction or renovation. of the bathroom or other rooms in the house. Because no one like our staff is able to lay the products and every single component we produce.

And with the same attention and professionalism, we have also chosen our partners: furniture, sanitary ware, taps and tiles from the best brands that guarantee, like us, quality, service and assistance. In 2020 we celebrate 25 years of activity. 25 years of unique environments that speak of who lives there. We are waiting for you in our show room. Book a visit, we will accompany you in an infinite game of possibilities according to your tastes.


In 1995 Geyser began the production and sale, throughout the national territory, of whirlpool baths and multi-function shower stalls, personally supervising the installation at the end customer with personnel inside the company, aware that a good product also required excellent installation.

The property soon understands that the service is a valid sales aid and given the needs that often appeared in bathrooms, other than the installation of a bathtub or shower, in the early 2000s it decided to create two corporate showrooms, one in its historic site in Morsano al Tagliamento (Pn) inside the production plant and one in Tavagnacco (Ud) where it exhibits, in addition to the produced items, also all the bathroom furniture and ceramics, thus also strengthening the staff to cope with both to sales than to assembly.

So from the simple installation, soon the company began to demolish tanks, plates, replace sanitary ware until it reached the complete renovation of the bathroom.

A 360 ° service to arrive directly to the end customer in a complete way always using internal collaborators.

Immediately the intuition proves to be a winner, so in 2008 it was decided to take over a new sales point with larger sizes in Codroipo to replace the showroom of the headquarters which had become too small for the development that the company was supporting.

In 2014 the property decided to build a new factory in the industrial area of ​​Morsano al Tagliamento (Pn) to expand the warehouse of the bathroom furnishings and further enhance the display of bathroom furniture products; an exhibition of 1000 square meters is thus created. on two floors, displaying all the latest products on the market.

The immediate positive response of this last choice led the property to close the other exhibition rooms to concentrate all the sellers and staff in a single location to work even better and in synergy, salesmen, architects and external teams.


All the main decision-making positions are occupied by family members, this means that the passion for the company is immediately transmitted to our interlocutors. In the same way we are present for an immediate intervention and service, being able to count on a wide flexibility of schedules and 360° availability.
The wide competences and the notable experience in the sector of every manager united to an optimal predisposition to the human contact make our company "friendly" and very close to the customer.


Geyser is a young and dynamic company, with capable and competent staff that adapts quickly and skilfully to any need or need of our customers, both in the preventive phase and in the execution phase.
We carefully follow our client: from the choice of materials, to the design with rendering of the bathroom, then demolition, rehabilitation of pipes and electrical system, laying of tiles and bathroom furniture, all always respecting the maximum environment and using the utmost cleanliness.
The experience of production gives us awareness and better solutions allowing us to resolve with simplicity and practicality any difficulty the client encounters and advise in the best way in every situation. Our flexible and capable staff is able to lay the products we produce in a workmanlike manner knowing the smallest details and every single component.
From production to the final customer without intermediaries, this is our strength.
With the same precision we have chosen our partners: furniture, sanitary ware, faucets and tiles from the best brands that guarantee quality, service and assistance, just like us.

In 2019 we have absorbed valid employees within the company with the TECNOS brand, who follow the entire electrical installation sector: civil and industrial plants, photovoltaic systems, air conditioners, video surveillance systems, alarms and everything related to this broad sector.
Our aim is to give a single point of contact to the final customer: construction, electrical and hydraulic systems are in fact managed directly by Dolphin Bath with the supervision and coordination of the respective sector managers who will optimize the time required for carrying out the work and take care of the various phases, making sure that they are all carried out in a workmanlike manner.

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